REAL NAME: Syed Akhtar Ali Kazmi

PEN NAME: Akhtar Imam Rizvi (AIR)

FATHER’ S NAME: Syed Dewan Ali Kazmi (Distinct Scholar & Intellectual of his time…narrated QURAN in English Language and had strong hand on the Efficacy & administration of Human Medicines) 


Great Broadcaster, Intellectual, Writer & Poet Sir Akhtar Imam Rizvi born on 4th April Tuesday, 1937 in a native village of Gujar Khan named “Bajrana”. He was a genuine Poet, Writer & Broadcaster having legacy of poetry & broadcasting in his blood as his father and grandfather were the distinct and known scholars of the region.


He got his early education from Govt Islamia High School, Gujar Khan.

Passed FSc from Govt College Sargohda, where he started poetry, writing & presentations and became the known figure of literary societies. After this he came to Rawalpindi, got admission in Govt Gordon College Rawalpindi and did MA in urdu.Throughout his studies, he had been involved in literary concerns including creation of poetic verses, presentations & writings. He was also the known columnist of his times and name Akhtar Imam Rizvi was familiar to each & every one.


He started his career as a teacher at Jatli Tehsil Gujar Khan. After doing teaching for a little time, he joined a famous Newspaper of its time “Tameer” as Editor.Sir Shorash Malik, a very known personality took him in daily JUNG as Editor & he continued his services over there.


Pothohar culture, its norms and values always fascinated Akhtar Imam Rizvi and he always desired to uplift Pothohar custom through his writings, work & presentations.On those days Radio was a most strong medium to convey message to common people, so keeping in view this fact he joined Radio Pakistan as Broadcaster of Pothohari programmes. This was a turn towards the universal know and fame of this great person. After doing successful broadcasting he applied for producer in Radio Pakistan, Rwp.

He got job and then did a predictable work for pothohar culture, Language and Folklore.The most distinct and eternal  acknowledgment to Pothohar was “RAWAL RAWAIL”, which is still presented live from Radio Pakistan.For the recording of this programme, Akhtar Imam Rizvi went village to village to prop up & uplift local talent & Pothohar culture. This was a first ever approach of its nature to execute any programme on Pothohar, which laid down a corridor for upcoming ones.This programme has got a discrete history in Radio programmes as it is on air on daily basis for more than 35 years without having any pause. He wrote numerous dramas, Short Plays, Articles and documentaries for Radio and won various titles.



Journey did not stop there, but he got an enduring pelt by writing various dramas for Pakistan Television Centre, Islamabad, which include Rawal Jugni, Katcha Gahra, Uchy Bouhay, Neeli Dhar, and Khugian etc. Drama Khugian awarded by Seven Awards which is a new history for PTV. He produced various cultural & Linguistic programmes for many institutions & achieved many awards.


A book of poetry “Ay Sham ki Tanhai ”has been published. This is collection of Classic poetry ever done by any poet and one can Judge level of artistic intellect of Akhtar Imam Rizvi after going through this book.


Other works include:

SABAAT An anthology of Urdu Prose
SOCHAN CHUP NI KERNIAN A privileged collection of Pothohari Poetry)
POTHOHAR A divergent work on Pothohar Culture, Language & Folklore
POTHOHAR AASAR E QADEEMA A Momentous Work on Pothohar Aasar e Qadeema
POTHOHAR AASAR E QADEEMA A Momentous Work on Pothohar Aasar e Qadeema
POTHOHAR AUR HOMOEOPATHY A research work on Pothohar Herbs, Climate & medicinal Plants
MEHNDI, LAHOO AUR ZAFRAN collection of Essays on different social, moral & educational topics
KHIRKIAN collection of News paper column

Moreover, Akhtar Imram Rizvi had been awarded with uncountable titles from different media, Literary, Political, Social and Educational National & international institutions. He has more than 50 awards, in his career which include:


Radio Awards

  • Singhar Award by Radio Pakistan
  • Deepak Award by Radio Pakistan
  • Award for best producer by Sri Lankan Broadcasting Company
  • Award by Radio Pakistan on marvelous work on Pothohar
  • Award by Radio Pakistan on Script Writing
  • Award by Radio Pakistan for best work on Pothohari Language
  • Award for best Broadcaster
  • Award for best Drama writer

PTV Awards:

  • PTV Award for best writer Drama Serial
  • Award for Best Lyricist
  • Award for Best Compare
  • Distinction for achieving seven Awards for a single drama


  • Award form World Punjabi Adabi Council, India.
  • Pakistan Writers Guild Award
  • Masood Khadar Poosh Award by Ministry of culture
  • Award from PNCA
  • Alhamrah Arts Council Awrad
  • Award for work on the relation of different Languages by Ministry of culture
  • Award for classical poetry by Rafi Peer Theater, Lahore
  • Tourist Award by Govt of Pakistan
  • Award from Govt of India on presentation of Pothohar Culture
  • Award form Punjabi Sewak
  • Khalsa Heritage Complex, Anandpur Sahib Award by Govt of India
  • Ahbab e Adab, Karachi Award
  • Best Columnist Award by Daily Asas
  • Award by Daily Nawa e Waqt (Naqaad )
  • Best Poet of the year Award by Daily Jung
  • Award by Biaz for best poetry
  • Award by Academy of Letters for best poetry
  • Award by Punjabi Lehran for best poetry
  • Award by Iqbal Academy, Lahore for best poetry
  • Award by Chitka, UK for best work on Pothohar Folklore
  • Award by Dar e Adab, Gujar Khan
  • Award by Pakistan Petroleum Limited for recognised work on Pothohar
  • Life Achievement Award by Gujar Khan Arts Council
  • Award by Kamal Homoeopathic College for Best Physician
  • Award for Best Writer From Kamal Homoeopathic Laboratories
  • Award form House of Information Technology for distinct services in the field of education
  • Sarkar sher zaman Mirza pothohari Award


  • Executive Member Board of Governer for Arts, Language & Culture Lahore, Govt of Punjab.
  • Director Saif ul Malook Academy
  • Member Punjab Circulam Commity, Govt Of Punjab
  • Member Pakistan Writers Guild
  • Member Punjabi Adbi Board
  • Director Pothohar Theater Group, Rawalpindi.
  • Chief Pateron Gujar Khan arts Council.


This great intellectual died on 20th of Oct 2008, on Monday Holy Family hospital, Rawalpindi at 9:32 pm when his age was 72 years.


  • Foundation of “AIR RADIO” to gratitude his diverse services in the field of Broadcating, Pothohar Culture, Folklore & other Works.
  • Different Roads of Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Gujar Khan have been nominated by his name by Govt. of Pakistan
  • Foundation of Akhtar Imam Rizvi Academy.
  • Akhtar Imam Rizvi Adabi Seminar on annual basis since his death.
  • Birth Ceremonies annualy
  • Akhtar Imam Rizvi Gallery at Gujar Khan Arts Council
  • Akhtar Imam Rizvi Library at Gujar Khan
  • Akhtar Imam Rizvi Auditorium at Gujar Khan
  • Declaration of nomination of Railway Bypass to his name

The name of such a great scholar, Broadcaster, Poet and Human Being will be alive for ever.

Air Radio is a compliment to his perpetual work and services to Pothohar.

Syed Muntazir Imam MD