Real Name: Syed Muntazir Mehdi Kazmi
Pen Name: Syed Muntazir Imam Rizvi

Born in 1979 and got his early education from Gujar Khan. After doing F.Sc. from Govt. Gordon College Rawalpindi, got admission in University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi, and did M.Sc from this institution in first division. For the completion of M.Phil, he got admission in University of Agriculture Faislabad and passed in first division as well.

The Journey of presentations, writing and broadcasting started when he got selection in different literary societies and forums of colleges and universities. The most distinct work appeared during the responsibilities of President of Art & Literary society at Faisalabad University, where he delivered lot of presentations and also interacted with various famous poets and intellectuals of their time.

The core font of inspiration was the significant and great work of Syed Akthar Imam Rizvi on Pothohar culture, its Language & Folklore. After getting much inspiration from such a genuine broadcaster & appealing culture & values of Pothohar Region, he started broadcasting & comparing in Dec 2009 by joining FM 102 (Voice of Pothohar). After this he joined Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi for broadcasting and script writing and became approved broadcaster & script writer of category level “A”.
He is also an approved drama writer/script write and anchor of Pakistan Television Corporation, Islamabad. The most happiest flash of his life occured , when he got chance of broadcasting in famous & historic cultural program “Rawal Rawail” of Radio Pakistan, Rawalpindi & became first ever male presentor of this programme in its 35 years old history.
He wrote various cultural dramas for Radio Pakistan and introduced many artists and talent of the local region live in his famous Pothohari Folklore, Cultural and Linguistic show “Sanjhalian”. Through his programs he visited so many villages of Pothohar, Pahar, Dhan and Kashmir for recording and uplifting of local talent of that region.

He is also an approved compare and script writer of Allama Iqbal Open University, wrote documentaries on Mian Muhamamd Bukhsh, Shah Hussain and other sufis. In addition also writing cultural and linguistic columns for daily News Paper “Dehat” and other local Newspapers. His many articles, columns and essays have been published in different newspapers.


  • Won National Benazir Peace Award from Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior for distinct work on Pothohar Folklore, Culture and Languages.
  • Raising local problems of villages of pothohar through his programme segment “Acho Julan Garan”.
  • Nominated for Representation of Pothohar Culture, folklore and languages by “BBC” Shiefleld UK.
  • Nominated for Representation of Pothohar Culture folklore and languages by Radio “aap ki awaz”, Canada.
  • Media Director Gujar Khan Arts Council, Gujar Khan.
  • Nominated for the presentation of Literature through Media tactics & involvement by Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad & delivered many Lectures.
  • Wrote more than 300 scripts for Pothohari cultural programme “Rawal Rawail”, and got distinction certificate.